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2006 Injustice By the Numbers:

40 Facts on The State of Inequality in America

Every year the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy pulls together some stats and facts we think represent the real state of the union. We call it the Injustice Index.

You read AlterNet so I'm sure you've read about Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and his $53 million dollar Christmas bonus but that's just one illustration of the state of inequality in America. Here's some more:

DMI's 2006 Injustice Index:

Wages that an average CEO earns before lunchtime: more than a full-time minimum wage worker makes in a year

Ratio of the average U.S. CEO's annual pay to a minimum wage worker's: 821:1

Elana Levin is the Communications Manager of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a progressive think tank in NYC known for its work on the middle class squeeze. She is Managing Editor of