Albright and Condi think that US sponsored Iraq massacres are 'worth it'

Ten years ago, Madeleine Albright could be found saying the same thing about the human cost in Iraq that Condi Rice is sputtering now.
"There have been plenty of markers that show that [Iraq] is worth the investment." Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on December 21, 2006. Presumably the investment is blood (hundreds of thousands) and treasure (hundreds of billions).

"We think the price is worth it" -- Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on May 12, 1996. The price Albright was referring to were the lives of half a million children in exchange for the UN sanctions against Saddam.

What to say about these two quotes? That the USA’s foreign policy is consistently very evil from administration to administration, that some really sick people run our foreign policy.