Harper pulls a Bush

Joshua Holland: Blame Canada? Eh, why not?
Harper promised, and it looks like he's following through.
Much to the surprise of most Canadians and the world community, Canada is reneging on its international commitments under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which could weaken an international agreement to fight climate change after Kyoto expires in 2012.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, elected early this year, and the new environment minister, Rona Ambrose, have dismissed Canada's Kyoto commitments for reducing greenhouse gases as impossible to achieve.
They have also cancelled a five-million-dollar pledge to help least developed countries adapt to the impacts of climate change and have withdrawn Canada's participation and funding of the Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). […]
Joshua Holland is a staff writer at Alternet and a regular contributor to The Gadflyer.