"The National Guard just tried to recruit my 9 year old nephew"

Recruiting sergeant gives bloggers nephew a call.
John Aravosis's brother just got a very disturbing phone call from Uncle Sam:
Seriously. Dad took the call. The person on the other end wanted to talk to my 9 year old nephew. Dad asked why. Because they wanted him to consider enlisting in the reserves or the National Guard. Dad said there's only one problem, the kid is 9. Person on the other end said oh, well I should probably remove his name from our lists. They said that my nephew probably signed up for something online and that's why they called.
Yeah, sure.
The reassuring explanation is that they're totally incompetent. The explanation that's too horrifying to contemplate is that they're planning to stay in Iraq until the kid is legal.

Lindsay Beyerstein a New York writer blogging at Majikthise.