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RadioNation with Laura Flanders: May 17, 2006

This week on RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Cindy Sheehan and Margot Kidder; W and Bonds breaking laws; Charlie Savage and Dave Zirin; plus, 'The Motherhood Manifesto.'
Cindy Sheehan from Code Pink's Mother's Day vigil. Margot Kidder on the Montana Women For march in Bozeman. Are George W. and Barry Bonds getting away with bending rules or breaking laws as they pursue their goals? The Boston Globe's Charlie Savage and Nation contributor and sports writer Dave Zirin. Then, author Kristen Rowe-Finkbeiner on her new book 'The Motherhood Manifesto.'
Laura Flanders is author of Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species.