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Yum, Biodiesel!

It does a body good, according to actor and eco-fighter Darryl Hannah.
Darryl Hannah: very tall person, actor, and eco-star. The former "Splash"-er is so committed to promoting sustainable living that she's willing to drink biodiesel to prove her point. Yep, in her new video blog, the environmentally-obsessed actor (who once claimed to live part-time in a teepee) downs a nice, big green glass of the oily -- but edible -- fluid.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hannah's weekly-updated vlog chronicles "Hannah's personal explorations of the latest in green living. Topics have included green building, vegan diet, gorillas in Rwanda and biodiesel."

Hannah's no newbie to the green scene. She has been espousing the benefits and importance of earth-friendly living for years now. Apparently she's been vegetarian since childhood, and her two houses ("one in the Rockies and one in Southern California") have been off the grid for a dozen years. But she just started speaking out about her convictions a few years ago. As the Chronicle notes, "on the first anniversary of Sept. 11 she went on Fox's 'O'Reilly Factor' "to talk about our biofuel options -- that we don't have to go to war for oil."

Hannah is currently hosting the Sierra Club's new tv show, Sierra Club Chronicles (check out Matthew Wheeland's AlterNet piece about the show from back in January).
Laura Barcella is AlterNet's associate editor.