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So long, Ben Domenech

Shortest pundit career ever
That was fast. Washington Post blogger Ben Domenech has resigned after only a few days on the job. Here's the letter from editor Jim Brady:
In the past 24 hours, we learned of allegations that Ben Domenech plagiarized material that appeared under his byline in various publications prior to contracting with him to write a blog that launched Tuesday.
An investigation into these allegations was ongoing, and in the interim, Domenech has resigned, effective immediately.
When we hired Domenech, we were not aware of any allegations that he had plagiarized any of his past writings. In any cases where allegations such as these are made, we will continue to investigate those charges thoroughly in order to maintain our journalistic integrity.
Plagiarism is perhaps the most serious offense that a writer can commit or be accused of. will do everything in its power to verify that its news and opinion content is sourced completely and accurately at all times.
We appreciate the speed and thoroughness with which our readers and media outlets surfaced these allegations. Despite the turn this has taken, we believe this event, among other things, testifies to the positive and powerful role that the Internet can play in the the practice of journalism.
We also remain committed to representing a broad spectrum of ideas and ideologies in our Opinions area.
Jim Brady

Executive Editor,
Plagiarism was the excuse, but political hackery, family connections to Abramoff scandals, crypto-racism in the vein of George Wallace -- these could have worked just as well.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.