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The circular poetry of executive power

Putting an end to illegal making it legal

Ohio Senator Michael DeWine’s new Terrorist Surveillance Act [PDF], introduced yesterday, reflects the new political affinity for circular logic. If you want the round-up of the legal implications, read Glenn Greenwald’s blog. But for those of you who would prefer a Friday poem, I’ve distilled the Act to its essence:

To Make Legal The Illegal

"The President determines, the President shall establish and maintain, the President determines, the President shall, what the President considers appropriate, the President shall determine…

…that the surveillance is necessary
shall update a list of groups and organizations
that are subject to electronic surveillance
that there is a reasonable likelihood that the group or organization
whether it intends to engage in an act of international terrorism
whether the Program remains necessary...

The President determines…
the President considers appropriate."

Onnesha Roychoudhuri is the Assistant editor at AlterNet.