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They used to "love" Claude Allen

Conservative moralists are quiet now about the felon shoplifter who was one of Bush's top domestic policy advisors, but they sure praised him in the past.
Disgraced White House domestic advisor Claude Allen was, once upon a time, an object of adoration for conservative moralists.

Max Blumenthal went back and found praise from Focus on the Family's James Dobson last August:
DOBSON: I just said how much I love and appreciate you, and it comes directly from my heart.

ALLEN: It is such a privilege to be on your program. You too have been just dear to me and my family, and so we're very grateful for that. And thank you for your leadership on so many issues that are important to the family and our nation.
And Blumenthal found that creep magazine, Human Events speculating on what it was that made Claude Allen resign before his theiving became public knowledge:
We’ll probably never know the real reason [why Allen resigned], but that’s what makes speculation so fun. In any case, Allen will be missed. He won widespread praise when he was given the job. And while some of the initiatives that came up under his watch (Social Security being the biggest) didn’t go his way, at least he was rooted in conservative thought.
Jan Frel is an AlterNet staff writer.