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RadioNation with Laura Flanders: March 8, 2006

This week on RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Iraqi women on the war, Bush's bungled nuclear ambitions, the Supreme Court's election case, and the Smithsonian's new hip-hop collection.
The war as seen by Iraqi women, including Eman Ahmad Khamas, traveling with Code Pink's Medea Benjamin. Acclaimed author Walter Mosley. Arundhati Roy on Bush's bungled nuclear ambitions and trip to India and Pakistan. John Bonifaz on the Supreme Court's most important election case in decades. Hip Hop pioneer Jorge ‘Popmaster Fabel’ Pabon and Def Jam Poet, Ishle Yi Park on the Smithsonian Museum’s new Hip Hop collection. Plus a commentary by Jasmyne Carrick.
Laura Flanders is author of Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species.