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Gay commercial deemed O.K. by U.K.

D&G is mild-mannered on TV, erotic in print, and always, always gay

I've never really thought about Dolce & Gabbana as revolutionary. Well, frankly, I've never really given any thought to D&G at all ... that is, until I recently saw this homoerotic advertisement in Details magazine, which practically screams "Bring it on, Christian fundamentalists! Just try and ban us!"

Despite my disdain for brand name shirts that cost more than my rent, I was impressed with D&G's bravado, and their continuing efforts to encourage cultural acceptance of homosexuality.

Later, I read about D&G's equally provocative (though not nearly as sexual) commercial on British television. In the commercial, which is advertising D&G watches, two men are shown exchanging a brief kiss. According to, this marks the U.K.'s "first TV advert for a mainstream product to feature a gay kiss."

Of course, some TV viewers complained about the commercial. Most complaints came from parents worried that their kids might see -- gasp! -- a gay peck. Despite complaints, the Advertising Standards Authority decided this month that the commercial would not be pulled: "We did not consider that a kiss between two men automatically made an ad unacceptable for broadcast or that the kiss was in itself grounds for imposing a stricter timing restriction."

A small step for fashion. A huge leap for gaykind.

Maria Luisa Tucker is a staff writer at AlterNet and associate editor of the Columbia Journal of American Studies.