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We have a winner

And a lot of grumblers.

What to do when instant run-off voting ends in a tie? Such is the case with the AlterNet progressive motto contest, which led to 40 entries, five finalists, and some criticisms of slogans in general and these in particular. But we are nothing if not stalwart, announcing a winner, a second place winner, as well as making a preemptive request that all those haters out there produce their own alternatives instead of just dissing those who tried.

Envelope please. (Note: while I'm no John Stewart, I am wearing a fabulous red dress for this occassion.)

And the winner is....

"Bring Democracy Home"

What we like about it, as one reader said, is that it covers a whole range of issues: Iraq, trade agreements, voting "irregularities", illegal wiretapping, women's rights (I think this motto would look good on an apron, for example), and civil liberties. For those of you feeling amped up, you can also try variations such as "Bring It on Home, Democracy." Simple, hopeful, clear. We like it. Thanks, Sootz, we're sending you Robert Greenwald's documentary, "Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low-Cost." If nothing else, the movie will make you want to kick a little democracy in the direction of that chainstore goliath.

Second prize goes to "Restore Democracy," which is also good, though a little less "homey" and some people objected to the notion that our republic has ever really been a democracy. Still, it the most pithy of the slogans, which should count for something. And it does. We'll be sending "kw55" an AlterNet t-shirt. I hope size large fits.

Thanks all who came up with ideas. Instant run-off voting is kind of fun. Let's bring it on home.

Rachel Neumann is Rights & Liberties Editor at AlterNet.