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George Clooney hearts Hillary ... Not!

Being dissed by a Hollywood hottie is just no fun.
Being dissed by a Hollywood hottie is just no fun:
The "Syriana" star says he is "frustrated and disappointed" that Clinton and many other Democrats were "scared" to oppose the war on Iraq, and "now they are paying the price."
"I hate it when smart men and women are saying, 'Well, if I knew then what I know now,'" Clooney told the Sunday Times of London. "The fact is: I knew it then and I don’t have national security clearance. . . . Basically, the Democrat leadership was scared [of criticizing Bush] and it’s too bad, because it’s come back to haunt them."
Clooney’s choice for president: Barak Obama. "Of course he doesn’t want to right now; he just wants to be senator for Illinois," Clooney told the paper. "But he could attract the two groups who rarely show up to vote -- young people and blacks. He’s the guy to get behind."
Well, at least he called her "smart."