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Rumsfeld's bold new thesis

About the lack of good news about Iraq.

In his speech at John Hopkins university, Donald Rumsfeld offered a new theory as to why the news from Iraq is almost always bad:

For starters, it must be jarring for reporters to leave the United States, arrive in a country that is so different, where they have to worry about their personal safety, and then being rushed to a scene of a bomb -- car bomb -- or a shooting, and have little opportunity to see the rest of the country. [ Transcript]

I'd say something typically rude, but thanks to CJR Daily's Paul McLeary I don't have to:

It's about time somebody said it, and we're glad it's the Secretary of Defense who finally recognized -- publicly - that all the relentlessly grim coverage day after day after day comes not from the actual facts on the ground, but instead is a result of legions of war reporters on unfamiliar ground, wandering around, scratching their heads and thinking, "WTF ??? " [ CJR Daily]

That kind of reaction is more common among our beleaguered troops.

Lakshmi Chaudhry is a senior editor at In These Times , and the former senior editor of AlterNet. You can write to her at