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Hollywood gets kinky

What is a Pocahantas flick without a dash of child pornography?
This time around Hollywood wasn't content to make yet another Pocahantas flick with the usual Native American stereotypes. Why settle for merely annoying, when you can get outright offensive by throwing in some child pornography -- as in Colin Farrell rolling around with 14-year-old Q'Orianka Kilcher: "Farrell was told to get romantic and sensual but knew there was a certain amount of kissing involved ... He played the scene brilliantly and he really put Q'Orianka at her ease. But when the lawyers saw the finished product with Colin and Q'Orianka rolling around on the ground kissing, they just flipped out." [Sydney Morning Herald via Gawker]

Because, like, lawyers so hate art.

Too bad, the kid wasn't quite as enthusiastic. [NYDN]