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Naming the Democrats who serve Wal-Mart
The latest contribution to the progressive media assault on Wal-Mart names the elected Democrats and affiliates in its service.

TomPaine's Jonathan Tasini unloads:
Let’s tally up some other Democrats who are on the Wal-Mart dole: Matt Miller, a fellow at the Center for American Progress, is doing consulting work for Wal-Mart. Miller considers himself a Democrat and CAP, I believe, fancies itself as a rapid-response operation in opposition to the Republican idea-and-spin machine. Mia Masten, Wal-Mart’s East Coast rep, is a former Clinton administration staffer (her post was special assistant to the senior adviser to the president for policy development). One of the Chicago Daley brothers, Michael, was hired by Wal-Mart to lobby for the zoning changes to clear the way for two new stores...."
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