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Ways to Help Children

Among the displaced Katrina survivors, there are now thousands of homeless children who need your help.

Among the millions of displaced Katrina survivors, there are now thousands of homeless children with emotional and physical scars that need immediate care and attention.

The total number of displaced kids appears well above 200,000 according to the New York Times estimate from September 7. In addition to basic needs for food and shelter, children need to find new schools where the classroom routine will provide a welcome relief from the chaos and trauma they experienced in the past week. Many schools can also provide much-needed counselors and immunization.

The resettlement of both K-12 and college students began last week and the Department of Education needs your help. Some historians argue that the Department is experiencing its worst crisis since its creation after the Civil War.

Here are a few ways you can support displaced children:

  • If you or your school can donate text books, school supplies and clothes, you can post that information on the Department of Education's online bulletin board.
  • Save the Children provides places to gather, play and learn for children awaiting resettlement, and also facilitates the search for missing parents.
  • The United Way of America will try to buy school supplies for every displaced student.
  • Connect for Kids -- a Washington D.C.-based non-profit youth resource center complied a helpful list of the various benefits that are available for homeless students, such as free meals, financial aid, transportation and more. Some of those groups need your assistance.

If you know of any additional resources that assist displaced children, please let us know.

Kristina Rizga edits WireTap -- AlterNet’s youth-oriented section.