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Poor people suffer most after Katrina

You wouldn't know it by watching the tee-vee, but low-income folks are disproportionately devastated by disasters.

Jim Wallis published an excellent piece in this week's SojoMail (free subscription req'd) bringing light to the facts that poor people suffer the most during national disasters. From having little to no access to transportation for getting out of town, to having no health insurance, to having the low-paying jobs that get axed first in times of economic crisis post-disaster, low-income people's lives are utterly destroyed. In New Orleans alone, the poverty rate is 28% -- more than double the national rate. Why has the media not addressed this disproportionate effect of Katrina? As Wallis says, "Devastated luxury homes and hotels, drifting yachts and battered casinos make far more compelling photographs."

Deanna Zandt is a contributing editor at AlterNet, and manages Start Making Sense .