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Where Your Mouth Is #1: The Culture of Life

"Where Your Mouth Is" is a podcast about the messy places where our ideas, ideals and day to day life collide. In each episode, host Jaclyn Friedman and a variety of contributors explore (and sometimes explode) a theme based on a political buzzword or phrase.
Bush & Co. sure seem to want a "culture of life" when it comes to abortion, stem cell research, condoms, and permanently comatose women in Florida, but what the heck does a Culture of Life look like?

Contributor Robbie Samuels asks strangers for their definitions, Erin Rollins from Planned Parenthood explores what makes up Bush's culture of life and what we can do about it, and Jill Nelson talks with me about the vibrant and complex culture of life for African Americans on Martha's Vineyard. Plus creative non-fiction from Lisa Vaas, and a musical memorial for the lives of 25,000 Iraqis.

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Jaclyn Friedman is a writer, poet and activist based in Boston. She produces "Where Your Mouth Is," a biweekly podcast, exclusively for AlterNet.