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4 Major Ways Countries Have Reduced Drug-Related Disease and Death -- Are We Americans Too Conceited to Imitate Them?

Over the past two decades, a number of countries have implemented evidence-based programs that reduce the harms associated with drugs -- but the U.S. isn't listening.

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These four ideas have something interesting in common. The places implementing them are measuring their success through the health of their citizenry. Novel. Meanwhile the U.S. continues to measure its drug war progress in tons of drugs seized and number of citizens we put behind bars.

It's time to step back and ask ourselves what's the best way to solve the problem we're trying to solve – how to reduce drug abuse and addiction – and use the best available evidence to guide us. The United States has gained a reputation as an innovator in countless arenas, but perhaps the true measure of our exceptionalism will be our willingness to set aside our pride and learn from the successes of others.

DeDe Dunevant is the managing director of communications at the Drug Policy Alliance.