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Crazy: Congress Spends Just 1 Hour Debating Another Year of Disastrous War in Afghanistan

When it comes to military matters, members of Congress will not do the right thing unless there is intense public pressure.

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At the end of his September 1970 speech, Senator McGovern said this:

…..we are responsible for those young men and their lives and their hopes. And if we do not end this damnable war, those young men will some day curse us for our pitiful willingness to let the Executive carry the burden that the Constitution places on us.

Add women to the sentence and correct for politeness and this is what Congresswoman Barbara Lee said this week. But without a mobilized, engaged public, a few unusual and idealistic politicians will be making these speeches forever.

Carolyn Eisenberg is a professor of US foreign policy at Hofstra University and co-convener of the Legislative Working group of United for Peace and Justice.

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