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Did the Youth Unemployment Crisis Play a Role in the Colorado Shooting?

For young people facing a tough job market, the chances of tragedies increase: suicide rates spike, as does the incidence of violence

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Shooting sprees are a rare event, but in the wake of such a tragedy, we'll need to look at all the broader societal conditions that may have interacted with and possibly exacerbated the state of a disturbed mind, from the easy availability of guns to access to adequate mental health services. And we'll need to think long and hard about the stress created in young people for whom the combination of high unemployment and mental strain can become the potential catalyst for disaster.


Lynn Parramore is an AlterNet contributing editor. She is cofounder of Recessionwire, founding editor of New Deal 2.0, and author of 'Reading the Sphinx: Ancient Egypt in Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture.' Follow her on Twitter @LynnParramore.