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There Is More Than One Way to Grow a Tomato -- Biodynamic Farming Is Probably the Weirdest

Biodynamic farming produces wholesome, pesticide-free food and drinks -- but the methods are a little out of the ordinary.

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"There are things about science that are just now starting to show why biodynamic methods are superior" to conventional methods, Riley said as mellow 2009 Ehlers Estate Merlot was served with bacon-smoked vegetables, lamb neck, mole sauce and crème fraîche.

Even critics would have to say that at worst, biodynamic practices have no effect whatsoever and at least inspire farmers to treat their crops with extra loving care. The beverages that night in Berkeley were undeniably divine. Who can argue with results?

Steiner spoke of communes, karma and "our Atlantean forefathers."

"We need to be reintroduced to that world of imagination," Mora said. "We are on the rise. We can change the world one preparation at a time."

Anneli Rufus is the author of several books, most recently The Scavenger's Manifesto (Tarcher Press, 2009). Read more of her writings on scavenging at

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