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Why I Had to Challenge Amnesty International-USA's Claim That NATO's Presence Benefits Afghan Women

Executive director Suzanne Nossel appears to be taking a major human rights organization in an inhumane direction.

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I had the sense, as did my companion, that Nossel appeared to believe that NATO is good for women. This is the sort of propaganda we hear out of feminist war hawks like Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. So it's not surprising that members of Amnesty-USA are wondering what has become of an organization that had stood for principled opposition to the might-makes-right doctrine.

One man said, “Maybe I need to take them out of my will." I asked him to tell that to the board of Amnesty-USA.  Maybe it's not too late to hope for a turnaround.   


Note: 100 long-time Amnesty volunteers have signed on to a letter protesting Suzanne Nossel's firing much of the organization's most-talented staff. 

Jodie Evans is a co-founder of Codepink: Women For Peace .

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