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Will Affirmative Action Disappear?

There's a good chance the Supreme Court will overturn affirmative action this fall. So why is there so much silence on the issue -- from every corner?

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Our method of delivery for educational services has not improved in 40 years. We have not taken demographic differences into account when we look at education. Some say we should base college admissions solely on merit, but when has that ever happened? We admit legacy students, whose parents attended a college, preferentially. We admit athletes simply because they can play. With women representing more than 55 percent of our nation’s undergraduates, I’ve actually attended meetings about affirmative action for men (and that probably means white men, since the number of African American men attending college has declined).

The Fisher case makes no sense, but silence around it makes no sense either. Last time there was an attack on affirmative action, lots of Fortune 500 companies, colleges, civil rights organizations, and even the United States Army weighed in. Amicus briefs must be submitted to the Supreme Court by August 6 in order to be considered. Time is running out and too many are fiddling while affirmative action is being dismantled.

Julianne Malveaux is an economist, author and commentator, and the founder of Last Word Productions, Inc. She can be contacted at