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What Will the 2012 Electorate Look Like?

New polling released by Washington Post/ABC News shows that they don’t think Mitt Romney would do a better job on the issue than Barack Obama.

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Of course, there’s no guarantee that these shifts in the eligible voter pool will be fully realized among actual voters in November. But the potential is clearly there. And the Obama campaign, with its emphasis on voter mobilization and a strong ground game, is well-positioned to take advantage of that.

Tramonte continued:

Mitt Romney made a dangerous decision to embrace the hardliners in the primary, instead of having a broader conversation on immigration that could appeal to more groups in the general election.  He overestimated the power this issue has with non-Latinos, and underestimated its importance to the fastest-growing group of new voters.  For immigrants and Latinos, immigration reform isn’t a ‘policy’ issue—it’s personal.  For everyone else, they just want it solved.