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Sisters of the American Revolution: Why We Should Embrace the Opening Doors of a Once Whites-Only Club

Even if Daughters of the American Revolution is snooty (for whites) and bourgie (for blacks), opening up another once-white club is still a victory to be celebrated.

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Instead of a living wage or collective bargaining, racism gave whites the right to abuse people of color for sport and profit. Our ancestors risked, and lost, their lives demanding to live as free Americans, to go about their trivial, time-wasting pursuits as much as their deadly serious ones; we oweit to them to lunch with the other ladies if it looks as if they might be trying to exclude us or simply because we want to exercise our right to be as bourgie and smug toward those without Revolutionary War-vintage census records as our white sisters. Freedom isn't real if you can't waste it. Neither can it be harnessed if you're too bitter to embrace it.

This non-believer still eye rolls at the thought of heaven and hell. But there's no harm in fantasizing about flocks of black angels doing the Electric Slide, joined by flocks of white angels (everyone has rhythm in heaven), giddy with relief that one more door, however trivial, that they helped slam shut, is finally open.

Debra J. Dickerson is an author, editor, and contributing writer and blogger for Mother Jones magazine.

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