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Will Mitt Romney Choose a Woman for a Running Mate?

Since Mitt Romney is more comfortable with corporations than people, his wife Ann thinks his ticket could use a woman's touch.

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At some point during the Romney Fourth of July festivities at one of their Downton Abbeys, which included feebly trying to define his penal-tax problem, and jet-skiing fully clothed, Mitt and Ann Romney found some time to give yet another out-of-touchy-feely interview – this time, out of the Fox hole and with CBS news.

And in this interview, Ann Romney was in the driver's seat. First, she announced the entire Obama campaign strategy was to "Kill Romney", and that it's all part of a plan to portray her husband "in a light that is just completely wrong … they don't' get him at all."

Then, when pressed about what exactly said strategy is, she claimed they are saying stuff like, "He's not as approachable as I am or something like that."

Um, note to Ann: that big Obama plan to make him look like a gold medalist in the 1% Olympics is flawlessly executed by Mitt himself – every time he dons a pair of his Lady Wranglers and trots out to tell us things like –

"Banks aren't bad people, they are scared to death … feeling what you are feeling."

Really? Bloated and bitter? … Who knew?

No, Mrs Romney, I don't need an Obama smear campaign to convince me your misunderstood George Bailey isn't "approachable". He has done that all by his lonesome.

But the big news Ann broke during that interview was when the couple was asked about putting a woman on the ticket as Romney's running-mate.

"We've been looking at that and I love that option as well."

We? Really! … Imagine the reaction if that health food commie Michelle Obama had said that sentence. I guarantee there would have been a rightwing press assault that involved excessive use of the word "uppity".

But Ann is very excited about this idea. Because Mitt talks to women. Well, sort of. Here is what she said on Fox News last spring:

"Mitt Romney is a person that admires women and listens to them, and I am grateful that he listens to me and listens to what I am telling him, as well, about what women are facing right now – and he's listening and he cares."

So, he listens to Ann talk about what Ann talks to women about what they are facing. Or something.

And just what are the women Ann talks to facing? What color dressage booties best showcase the horse prancing?

OK, that sounds cynical. Maybe, if Mitt chooses a woman as his running-mate, he will listen to her when she tells him about what women are facing right now. Of course, there are few GOP women to put on the ticket who are household names.

Sarah Palin, who the media defined as the quintessential model of what a GOP woman is, has made a mockery of the political process: instead of working at becoming well-versed in policy, she cashed in on her political capital behaving like a fame truffle pig, sniffing out anyplace she could put herself in the limelight.

Then, who are these other GOP women being eyeballed by Ann and Mitt?

Former presidential nopeful Michele Bachmann won't confirm or deny she is being vetted, but I would put her somewhere on the long list between Sandra Fluke and me.

And the Romneys were seen parading around on the Fourth of July with long-shot New Hampshire freshman Senator Kelly Ayotte, whose bona fides include being the darling of the NRA and a woman of the people. The people who own corporations.

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