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Religious Right's Ralph Reed Field-Tests Plan for Beating Obama

Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition, "a 21st-century version of the Christian Coalition on steroids," is leading the effort.

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I called Furr and Foernsler at the numbers listed on those business cards. In both cases, I got voice mail. Furr's outgoing message identified him as "Rick Furr of the Mobile Sports Group." Neither Furr nor Foernsler returned my calls. At Century Strategies (Millennium's parent company), I spoke to a woman named Martha who would not give her last name, but who promised that Ralph Reed's assistant would call me to confirm questions I had about who was on Century's payroll. She has yet to call.

UPDATE: In the letter received by AlterNet from Millennium Marketing attorneys, the company asserts that neither Furr nor Foernsler, nor their companies (LSN Mobile and Mobile Sports Group), were authorized to distribute materials bearing the Millennium Marketing name or logo, and that they had done so in error. J. Randolph Evans of the law firm, McKenna, Long & Aldridge, also enclosed a letter dated September 7, signed jointly by Furr and Foernsler, apologizing for their unauthorized use of the Millennium name in the packet, and for putting Millennium’s name to the services they provided FFC during the Wisconsin recall election.

“We were not authorized to circulate any materials bearing Millennium Marketing’s name or logo, or to represent during the seminar that Millennium Marketing was involved in FFC voter contact programs undertaken by LSN and MSG,” reads the letter signed by Furr and Foernsler. “It was not and is not.”

One of the case studies included in the packet features the work done by Furr and Foernsler on behalf of the Faith and Freedom Coalition in the Wisconsin recall election. It reads:

OBJECTIVE: Reach Wisconsin Republican Christians & Republican Registered Voters across the state, especially in rural and exurban areas. We reached over 327,143 Wisconsin Republican Christians voters [sic] by Email and SMS promoting our voter guide and reminding people to vote...

The accompanying photo, printed on paper bearing the Millennium Marketing logo -- (update) whose use Millennium Marketing now says was unauthorized -- is of the FFC voter guide. Both the Faith and Freedom Coalition and Century Strategies occupy the same building in Duluth, Ga., in suites next door to one another.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition case study in the Millennium Marketing packet features an endorsement attributed to FFC National Field Director Billy Kirkland, (update) which Millennium Marketing claims, it the letter sent to AlterNet, was also unauthorized:

We are very happy with the results in being able to target by zip codes, voter districts, demographics, geographic, lifestyle, consumer interests, income spending, net worth and behavioral information. Using interactive Marketing Services pertaining to SMS, Banner Advertising, and both Consumer & B2B Email. [sic] We have seen positive results and plan on incorporating this programs into our national & local campaigns in 2012. Building our database is priceless!

When I reached Kirkland for comment, he seemed caught off-guard by the inclusion of his quote in the packet Furr and Foernsler now say they were not authorized to distribute. "I'd love to know what that endorsement -- Millennium Marketing?" he said. So I read the quote to him.

"I use some pretty big words in that quote," he said. Then, saying he had to go into a meeting, he concluded the call.

UPDATE: Millennium Marketing attorney J. Randolph Evans, in his letter to AlterNet, writes that, in addition to not being authorized to use the Millennium Marketing name or logo, Furr and Foernsler were also not authorized “to make any statements or circulate written materials that might insinuate an endorsement of Millennium Marketing by FFC employees.”

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