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As Labor Struggles, Have the Big Rights and Liberties Groups Like the ACLU Deserted Unions?

While labor is under powerful battering from conservatives, a strong case can be made that they aren't being supported by some of our most prominent human rights groups.

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Stunned by the fact that the ACLU didn’t even include “labor” or “equality” among the 114 “key topics” listed, I called and then wrote to the ACLU asking for comment.

> Here is the response I received from Molly Kaplan, the media relations liaison at the American Civil Liberties Union:


Hi Mark,

Labor rights are certainly a key issue for the ACLU; it is folded into our work for free speech, immigrants’ rights and women’s rights. If you look into the  pages for those issues, you will find that labor rights have a presence. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.




Well, at least someone has labor rights.

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