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Glenn Beck Declares War on 'Glee'

Beck might be gone from Fox, but he's got a plan--and it starts with Glee. Yes, the TV show about kids who sing.

Glenn Beck might have dropped off some people's radar with his departure from Fox News, but cable's most famous crier hasn't gone away.

He remains on the radio, with a fresh multimillion-dollar contract, his TV show airs on his own online network, which has 300,000 subscribers, and he's planning a massive convergence in (where else?) Texas, where for three days he and some 40,000 ticketholders (it's already sold out) will work on “Restoring Love.” Really.

You see, Glenn Beck has a plan. A plan to make himself the “ conservative Dick Clark.” A plan to wipe out liberal values, including the acceptance of difference, multiculturalism. And he's starting with "Glee."

Yes, " Glee."

"Glee" has been on TV for three years, and in that time it's caused lots and lots of conservative commentators to have a conniption.

Bill O'Reilly and Gretchen Carlson have said that "Glee" might make “dopey kids” want to gotransgender. Brent Bozell thinks "Glee" is glorifying “sexual immorality” and argued, “They are not celebrating diversity. They are intimidating dissidents.” Paul Wilson at NewsBusters (a Web site that claims it is “exposing and combating liberal media bias”) wrote that "Glee" “serves up Bible mockery” and “gay propaganda.”

In the spirit of research (and because the right-wingers make it sound so tempting), I sat down to watch some "Glee." I don't know what I was expecting -- what could've freaked Beck and other right-wing commentators out so much—perhaps a musical rendition of the Internationale? Teenage girls performing in pasties? Lectures on the importance of universal healthcare?

There was none of that. Instead, there were Whitney Houston numbers, knee socks, cheerleader uniforms, and gratuitous locker decoration. The episode I watched revolved around a fight between a couple of gay high school students and featured a flirtation with a third gay boy who complimented the first on his hippo-head brooch (trust me, you had to see it), but it also featured a young Christian boy struggling with his attraction to a girl and what it meant for his commitment to his faith. The glee club coach also appears to be marrying a woman who wants to wait to have sex until their wedding night. Granted, the Christian boy's friend did tell him he could have sex and still be a good Christian, but it really didn't seem that horrifying.

I guess Beck might've seen a different episode? I watched a bit more, and saw teachers lecturing young girls about making jokes about domestic violence, a Whoopi Goldberg cameo, a boy cramming for his geography final. There was a famous episode earlier this year in which a transgender character performed the disco song “Boogie Shoes” in some seriously impressive silver platforms; the actor, a young African-American guest star who won his spot on the show on Oxygen's reality program "The Glee Project," told the Web site Queerty that he was now bullied less after his "Glee Project" fame. The horror!

But Beck isn't just horrified by "Glee" he's also inspired. "Absolutely brilliant,” he told  Buzzfeed. “Now can't we do that while having the struggle and the things that are in real life, the good and the bad, but have it not celebrate high school kids hooking up? The answer is yes. That's our goal."

To that end, Beck is working on a new project, creating music and pop culture that espouses his own values. He calls it his “Oedipus project” (apparently killing your father and having sex with your mother are new conservative family values). He explains the title as a joke, because, “the left will be making out with me... and they'll have no idea. Somebody will say, 'Do you know that's...?' and they'll say, 'Oh I don't care, I just really like the music.'"

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