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Glenn Beck Declares War on 'Glee'

Beck might be gone from Fox, but he's got a plan--and it starts with Glee. Yes, the TV show about kids who sing.

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Beck doesn't know how to make money with his conservative-propaganda-pop-music yet, but with his new radio contract, he won't have to: according to the New York Times, his deal is worth something in the vicinity of $100 million over the course of the contract. So he can afford to front some cash to a few vanity projects in his attempt to remake himself as the warm and cuddly Dick Clark of the far right.

But just as "Glee" hasn't turned America into a homosexual paradise yet (just ask North Carolina), I wouldn't worry about Beck's pop culture plans managing to overthrow liberal values or even a popular TV show anytime soon.

Instead, I'd be much more worried about that radio contract, those 40,000 tickets to the “Restoring Love” rally, and the millions who are still listening to Beck because of, not in spite of, his explicit political message.

And in the meantime, remember, next time you're procrastinating with your feet up, watching "Glee," you're doing your part to piss off Glenn Beck.

Sarah Jaffe is an associate editor at AlterNet, a rabblerouser and frequent Twitterer. You can follow her at @sarahljaffe.

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