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Are We Finally Reawakening to the Profound Healing Properties of Psychedelics?

Legal research on a range of currently illegal drugs indicates they may help cure PTSD, alcoholism and even cluster headaches.

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What we came up with was a treatment to treat the cluster headaches that actually was discovered about nine years ago by somebody in Scotland, who had cluster headaches. He did some recreational LSD at a concert on a summer, and his cluster headaches stopped completely and he didn’t have any clusters for six months. And that was the first time he had gone six months without a cluster in years. So he got on the Internet and started asking questions about if anybody had heard anything about LSD treating cluster headaches.  

So, some of us started doing some research and found out that there was a lot of work done on this, originally by Dr. Hoffman.  He was looking for migraine and cluster headache treatments when he was working with LSD  And all of that was buried at that point, when LSD was banned.

What the people need to do is, the first thing is to stop all of the prescription medications that they’re on. This is the biggest hurdle for people, doing this detox from the prescription meds, because even though they may not be helping at all, to give up that lifeline that they have to try something that somebody on the Internet told them to try, it’s a big leap. But that’s the first thing they need to do, is stop those medications. Then, usually, do three treatments of LSD or psilocybin. And it normally will completely break the cycle.  

If people are in between cycles and they do a couple of doses, the next cycle may not even start. I’ve been using this for nine years. I used to have two cycles a year that lasted three or four months each. And I’ve had three cycles that actually started over the last nine years, because of the treatments that I’m using. And all three of those that started, I allowed to start so that I could try a different treatment here. Somebody has to test the LSD and other things like that, so.  

When I first tried the psilocybin, I was on 15 prescriptions at that point. I stopped all of them, found a package on my front doorstep that had three grams of dried mushrooms, and I tried those and I haven’t looked back since. So basically, that’s a one-year supply of medications for my headaches on the bottom picture, and that was a one-month supply, on the top picture.  So you can see, I’m saving insurance companies a lot of money.  

The success rate of this, that we looked at with the first 200 people that tried this -- and nine had tried LSD, because it’s very difficult to find, as a lot of you probably know -- but a lot of people were able to grow their own mushrooms. So we’re looking at a 95 percent success rate on LSD on those first nine people. And 80 percent of the people that tried the mushrooms broke their cycles completely.  

And you have to remember that these people that tried this were the worst cases. I mean, this is the last option for people. I mean, it’s a big leap for a 50-year-old carpenter to try LSD for the first time. So, all of these people that are doing this have tried everything else the medical community has to offer, and it hasn’t helped. So, we’re really helping 80 percent of the people that the medical community has no help for at all.  

And people now are using the lysergic acid amide (LSA) seeds. The success rate is a little bit less than the LSD, but I think that it’s probably because they’re using a lower dose, and it’s a little bit harder to get the right dosage with the seeds.  

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