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How the Green Economy Has Been Hijacked by the Greed Economy

The whole system is about cheating nature while making profit from it.

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Why should we only respect the laws of human beings and not those of nature? Why do we call the person who kills his neighbor a criminal, but not he who extinguishes a species or contaminates a river? Why do we judge the life of human beings with parameters different from those that guide the life of the system as a whole if all of us, absolutely all of us, rely on the life of the Earth System?

There is a contradiction in recognizing only rights of humans while all the rest of the Earth system is reduced to a business opportunity in the “green economy.”

Decades ago, to talk about slaves having the same rights as everyone else seemed like the same heresy that it is now to talk about glaciers, or dolphins, or rivers, or trees, or orangutans having rights.

In an interdependent system in which human beings are only one component of the whole, it is not pos¬sible to only recognize the rights of the human part without instigating an imbalance in the system. To guarantee human rights and to restore harmony with nature, it is necessary to effectively recognize and apply the rights of Nature.

Nature cannot be submitted to the wills of markets or a laboratory. The answer for the future lies not in scientific inventions that try to cheat nature, but in our capacity to listen to nature. Science and technology are capable of many things, including destroying the existing world itself. It is time to stop geo-engineering and all artificial manipulation of the climate, biodiversity and seeds. Humans are not gods. The capitalist system has gone beyond control. Like a virus it's going to kill the body that feeds it… it's going to damage the Earth System, making life impossible for humans as we know it. We need to overthrow capitalism and develop a system that is based on the Community of the Earth.

Pablo Solón is the Executive Director of Focus on the Global South, and the former Ambassador of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to the United Nations. He has been a social activist and worked for several years with different social organizations, indigenous movements, workers' unions, student associations, human rights and cultural organizations in Bolivia.

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