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What Public University?: UCLA Takes its Business School Private

Ending its reliance on public funding from the legislature, UCLA plans to privatize its MBA program -- and hike tuition significantly in the process.

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Academic Senate leaders also pointed out that the university has spent seventy-five years building the UCLA business school, creating whatever value it now has. How is the school going to compensate taxpayers for the takeover of this historical investment?

The Senate leadership suggested that the market model was inconsistent with the research mission of the university as well as its commitment that faculty engage in public and community service.

The university’s official statements described the plan as “self-sufficiency” and denied that it amounted to “privatization.” Before being put into effect, the plan has to be approved by University President Mark Yudoff, which is expected.

Jon Wiener is a contributing editor to The Nation magazine and teaches 20th century US history at the University of California – Irvine.

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