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Mitt Romney's Long Assault on Firefighters

Mitt Romney has a long history of attacking firefighters and their unions, going back to his days in Massachusetts.

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Schaitberger said Romney, as governor, also line item vetoed budget items to provide fire-fighting gear, including protective clothing, radios and infrared devices to search for victims in smoke. In March, Schaitberger’s group produced  an ad attacking Romney for opposing a federal program created by President Obama to provide local communities with funds to hire back firefighters laid off during the recession.

McCarthy, the state union president who fought Romney in the Springfield row, drew a historical comparison to another former Massachusetts governor. “This is the first time since Calvin Coolidge that a relationship this bad has existed between the governor and the unions,” he told the AP in 2004. Coolidge  used state troops to crush unions in 1919 when the police were on strike. A anti-union Republican with national ambitions, Coolidge later became president. Indeed, McCarthy’s comparison may prove prescient.


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