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The Real Reason Apple Can't Make Your iPhone in America

China has essentially recruited our business leaders to fight against our own government.

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China offers our business leaders an amazing deal – a deal that they can’t refuse. The owners and managers of our companies get really, really rich if they play along with China. Nerver mind if the companies go away later -- they’re rich.

China offers these things to our business leaders for a reason. This is the reason: China sees itself as a country, and we no longer do.

China competes with us as a country. But our businesses see themselves as GLOBALIZED, not as part of a country.

So since we – at least our businesses – no longer see themselves as part of a country we are not responding to this competition. We are not mobilizing to fight back.

In fact, China has essentially recruited our own business leaders to fight against our own government.

Look at the effects on our country since we entered into this deal with China.

They are luring our businesses to move our jobs, factories, industries and technologies there for the private gain of a few, at the expense of us as a country, and we let that happen.

The trade imbalance is bankrupting us as a country. It has already drained trillions from our economy, weakening us and strengthening them.

They are smart, they do this as a NATIONAL strategy, as a country competing with us as a country, and the result is that in a competition between countries we may have already lost.

There are many things we can do about this. China can still be a partner, and there are many things we can help lift the wages and open things up for working people there.

We can require American companies to behave in the interest of their own country and of our democratic system, for one thing.

We can immediately require that imports not exceed exports by issuing import licenses based on exports.

We can demand that China actually trade with us, using that huge accumulated trade surplus to buy goods and services made here. This is dramatically in their interest – imagine what would happen to our economy if China started actually trading with us, buying American-made goods. Then the thriving American economy would boost the purchases of Chinese goods in return! That they don’t do this, and instead use those resources against us, manipulating currency, subsidizing companies, tells us they are not playing an economic game, they are playing a nationalist game of strategic domination. As a country.

Unfortunately, as I said, China’s trade strategy has helped create a situation where many of our own elites are fighting against our government.


Dave Johnson is a Fellow at Campaign for America's Future and a Senior Fellow at Renew California .

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