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14 Rules For Revolt -- Or What I Learned from the Front Lines of the 1960s

In 2011, a new wave of global citizen activism, fed in part by Occupy Wall Street, helped reveal a link between the sixties and the present.

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Bill Zimmerman is a political consultant with Zimmerman & Markman, Inc. in Santa Monica. He is the author of Troublemaker: A Memoir from the Front Lines of the Sixties (Doubleday), just released as an Anchor paperback.

Bill Zimmerman is a partner in Zimmerman & Markman, Inc., a national
political consulting firm based in Santa Monica. The firm has won
numerous ballot initiative campaigns, including historic first
victories for physician-assisted suicide in Oregon, state-funded
elections in Arizona, medical marijuana in California, drug treatment
instead of incarceration in California, and a 1% surtax on California
income over $1 million, the proceeds of which fund community mental
health programs.

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