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3 Lessons From the Victory for Sotheby's Workers

In a collaboration that lasted 9 months, Occupy Wall Street worked with locked-out art handlers at auction house Sotheby's to win a new contract--which they won on May 31.

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Although I was involved in some critical decisions at important junctures in this campaign, at times, other responsibilities took me away from the campaign. Whenever that happened, there was someone from the collective to keep pushing it toward the intended goal. This capacity for rejuvenation, as well as innovation, gives me hope that our movement might actually contribute to solving the multiple existential crises that face the planet. Shared intentions foster synchroncity. Just as the intention of supporting the art handlers’ struggle brought many different groups with different tactics to a shared victory, I think there’s hope that people everywhere, working through ties of solidarity, can lead us all into a better world.

Gary Roland was the treasurer of the 2011 Bloombergville occupation, helped to form OWS Legal Activist Working Group and OWS Facilitation, and was Peacekeeper Affinity Team Leader/Police Liaison for Stop the Machine at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. Gary is a member of NYABC, NYCGA, #150 & #12M Coordinating Committee, & #OPESR. Follow him on Twitter at @nyccamp.

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