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Ayn Rand Thinks He's a Parasite, But My Brother Kevin Contributes Greatly to Our Society

A government that helps the wealthy and powerful over the poor and disabled is a government with no decency.

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It is Kevin I think of when I see that the Ryan-Romney budget slashes money from Medicaid and from the Social Services Block Grant, a fund specifically targeted to help states meet the needs of their most vulnerable citizens. It is Kevin I thought about when the audience at a Republican debate  cheered about a man who had no health insurance dying. It is Kevin I thought of when an audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference laughed and cheered when Glenn Beck gleefully proclaimed that " in nature, the lions eat the weak."

A society that does not value my brother Kevin at least as much as it does the Wall Street titans who grow rich as they speculate with other people's money, and use the tax code to write off the debt they use to buy and sell companies regardless of the consequences to the families who work there, is a sick society. A government that would cut support to middle-class families trying to support their disabled children, so the wealthy can get more tax breaks -- a government that actually decides to help the wealthy and powerful more than the poor and disabled -- would be a government with no decency. That is what Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republicans are proposing for us. Their hero Ayn Rand would be proud.  

I have many reasons for working to oppose Romney's policies. I think his economic policies are a disaster for an economy still weakened by allowing Wall Street to run roughshod over the rest of us for the first decade of this century. I'd like for people to have access to contraceptives, and all of us to have access to quality health care. The idea of appointing more Supreme Court justices who support cases like the Citizens United ruling which insists "corporations are people, my friends," is destructive to our democracy. But even if all of that wasn’t there, I would only need one reason to oppose Romney's policies, and his name is Kevin.


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