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Will Scott Walker Get a Pink Slip, Orange Jumpsuit or a Second Chance?

Beyond Tuesday's recall vote, Wisconsin's embattled governor seems headed for criminal indictment on corruption charges.

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8) Is this a partisan witch hunt?

Chisholm was already taking a lot of heat for alleged leaks to the MJS when the right-wing online media source "Media Trackers" used a data-base of recall petition signers prepared by an out-of-state Tea Party group to document that people in the Milwaukee DA's office signed Walker's recall petition. This is hardly surprising given that these county workers were directly affect by Walker's collective bargaining bill and other policies. Chisholm responded that none of the attorneys or staff working on the investigation signed the recall petition. Moreover, the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently protected the free speech rights of public employees.

While Chisholm was elected as a Democrat in a democratic county, he has a track-record of prosecuting democratic politicians. During Chisholm's first term, he worked with federal prosecutors to convict democratic Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. on a series of state and federal charges that included bribery and extortion. More recently, he charged democratic Milwaukee County Supervisor Johnny Thomas with accepting a bribe in public office and with misconduct in public office. If proven Thomas could serve 10 years. Judge Nettesheim defended Chisholm and the integrity of the case to the MJS. "This has been an orderly and professionally conducted procedure," he said. MJS's lead reporter, Dan Bice, has repeatedly denied receiving leaks from the Milwaukee prosecutor's office. With a growing number of witnesses, and with computers and data and other information being subpoenaed all around town, Bice likely has plenty of sources, but has not been able to get his hands on key emails in the possession of prosecutors. 

The question today is, how much do voters know about the John Doe investigation, and how much do they care? Wisconsin's historic recall election is June 5, 2012. Visit for more reporting on news from Wisconsin.

Mary Bottari is the Director of the Center for Media and Democracy’s Real Economy Project and editor of the site for bank busting activists.