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The Human Face of Student Debt: A Conversation With the Filmmakers of 'Default'

A documentary on the student loan crisis lends a much needed perspective on the cost of educational debt.

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And of course, when elections come, support politicians who actually vote for students’ rights.

EW: What else do people need to know about student loans and the future of debt in this country? 

AM: You’re not alone if you have student debt and there’s power in numbers so get out there and connect with people. Don’t feel ashamed if anything happened or you made a mistake. We need to live in a society where we can have a second chance. It’s important that we all our responsible, but the lenders need to be responsible as well. 

SB: This is about something much larger than student debt. It’s about the state of our economy and the state of our education. One of the things I find egregious about this is that we strap young people who go to college to better themselves and be active participants in our economy with so much debt that it limits their purchasing power. In this economic crisis we’re in, we want our 20- and 30-year-olds with the income to go and invest and start businesses and make purchases. Instead, we cripple them with debt. That needs to change. 


Emily Wilson is a freelance writer and teaches basic skills at City College of San Francisco.

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