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10 Cool Discoveries You Should Know About

From asteroid mining to HIV prevention, here are 10 things you should know about from the week.

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It has, however, been difficult to get qubits far apart without their becoming unentangled. Juan Yin at the University of Science and Technology of China “used a 1.3 watt laser, and a clever optic steering technique to keep the beam precisely on target” and was able to send photons between the two stations 97 km apart, breaking the previous record of 16 km. 

Why this matters is for encryption: information that can be imparted without being transmitted through physical space is information that cannot be intercepted. You can’t get what isn’t there.

5. An Enterprising Plan

But you might be able to get it in 20 years.

That seems to be the thinking of BTE Dan whose Web site, Build The Enterprise, outlines in precise detail, plans for doing just that -- building a full-sized, real-life version of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, a fleet of them, in fact, one built every generation (33 years) to be used as spacecrafts, space stations and spaceports, powered by an ion-propulsion engine which itself would be powered by a nuclear reactor.  Nancy Atkinson of Universe Today shows and tells of some of BTE Dan’s detailed plans -- he says it could get to Mars in 90 days and even has suggestions for how to fund it with small, unnoticeable tax increases and cuts to various programs from defense to education. The massive ship would be built entirely in space and have a gravity wheel in the saucer (that’s the big oval-shaped part up front…c’mon, you know the ship) that would create 1G of gravity. 

BTE Dan says he’s worked as an electrical and systems engineer at a Fortune 500 company for 30 years and say if anyone can prove him wrong he’ll publicly acknowledge it and would be willing to wait…for maybe another 50 years.

Not having worked as an electrical or systems engineer for a single day it sounds dreamy, fanciful and out-of-reach, but I would be the first one to start jockeying for a press ticket if there was even the slightest muttering that it could really happen.  

While we’re waiting for that here’s another little piece of sci-fi-ish tech in real life -- a wearable phone which,  as TechEBlog points out,  looks like Iron Man’s glove. There’s a video demo on the blog of how it’s used…the numbers are on the inside of the fingers, and to talk to someone you hold your hand up to the side of your face in the universal gesture for “Call me,” and literally talk to the hand.

We’ve only ever seen one other  glove that was more than a glove (nice!). This is certainly a unique design, but I’d worry that I’d forget I had it on and a) palm-dial people at mortifyingly inopportune moments or b) stick my hand in a bucket of buttery movie popcorn or otherwise gooey food and accidentally doom my new toy to grease-o-licious death. However cool the technology there’s always the risk of Bio-Dumb.

6. Monster Spit

If you would imperil a superhero phone to grab whatever sauce-dripping, frosting-slathered, orange-salt-coated treats was tempting you, there are a few things you need to know. The first is that researchers have found something to stem your -- our -- food cravings: monster spit.

“A drug made from the saliva of the Gila monster lizard is effective in reducing the craving for food,” including chocolate,  reports Science Daily. An increasing number of type-2 diabetes patients are being offered a drug called Exenatide for blood sugar control; a synthetic, pharmaceutical version of exendin-4, a natural substance found in Gila monster saliva. Researchers at the University of Gothenberg tested the drug on rats whose cravings decreased after being treated with the drug.

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