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Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace: How "Rolling Stone" Got Her Story (Almost) Right

Amidst the punk icon's celebrity gender transition, a trans woman entertains the hope that change is coming

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Years of being out have reinforced my cynical impulses, but Eells's profile of Laura Jane Grace makes me hopeful about where we are headed. Sure there are cliches in the piece, but a part of me wants to think that increasing numbers of cis people are starting to get it. We're people. Grace lives a rich and varied life,  a life that touches countless others. Eells's story reflects this. It's about damn time.

It's unfair to judge a trans person's transition in terms of other people's lives. In my experience, we do what we need to do, and hope to do well by those who matter to us. I don't know that Grace is thinking about what her coming out will mean for “the community," nor do I think she should. I wish her, her loved ones, trans people and their allies everywhere happiness and progress.