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Workers Battle ExxonMobil Over Safety at Baton Rouge Refinery

Oil giant ExxonMobil is refusing to implement safety protections for the workers at its Louisiana refinery.

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Private Empire details ExxonMobil’s harassment of environmental scientists], its messy entanglements in small wars in far-flung countries, its withholding of information from Congress, its dissembling about global warming, its arrogant culture, its obscene stockpiles of cash. “

ExxonMobil’s power is so overwhelming that, “As President George W. Bush said to the prime minister of India in 2001, “Nobody tells those guys what to do.”

But with the lives of their members on the line every day, USW Local 13-12 is not backing down on enforcing the safety provisions of the contract.

The USW has been waging a vigorous campaign to force ExxonMobil to live up to the contract. Friday, it gathered USW leaders from the other refineries where Exxon Mobil acceded to the Process Safety Management Representative provision to demonstrate that the Baton Rouge workers’ demands are reasonable and achievable.

On May 30, Young relates, the Steelworkers will be partnering with Occupy Dallas for a major demonstration outside the ExxonMobil annual stockholders’ meeting to ratchet up the pressure on the Baton Rouge safety issue.

The Steelworkers and their allies are determined to show that even if Congress and foreign governments capitulate to ExxonMobil, they are not giving in.

Full disclosure: The United Steelworkers is a sponsor of In These Times .

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