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10 Amazing Discoveries That Should Be Worth Millions

These research discoveries will blow your mind.

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Scharf is concerned that this would mean you could shoot the last of a previously undiscovered species and LLM says the matter has been taken up by the cryptozoology site Cryptomundo.

It would be sad to kill the supposed only member of a supposed species, but honestly we think it’s a baseless concern. Everyone knows Bigfoot doesn’t even live in Texas. He goes from Star Wars even t to Star Wars event , winning costume contests as Chewbacca and getting babes and prize money. That’s how he stays below the radar. Anyone who could elude the press this long is no dope. 

And who’s to say that Bigfoot isn’t as elusive as he is because he’s got a warp drive?

In theory... string theory , to be precise...the Star Trek quick-getaway known as the warp drive is the ability to move a ship faster than the speed of light, which is supposedly impossible for anything with mass. ZidBits says the trick is not moving the ship but moving space-time around the ship instead, compressing it in front of the vehicle and expanding it behind the vehicle til the ship is “like a surfer riding a wave of water.” Or, in our minds, like old movies where the car stood stationary and the scenery behind it moved, making it look like the car was in motion.

Researchers (Dr. Gerald Cleaver and Dr. Richard Obousy) have calculated that a warp drive could work by “shrinking and expanding the tiny, curled up, subatomic spacial dimensions that theoretically exist in string theory,” and that it would take about 100kg of antimatter “to warp the space around a ship the size of the space shuttle.”

We don’t have the technology yet, but we believe in it. After all, we’re already able to move at lightspeed when we see someone we don’t want to bump into on the street, and we have more mass than the Vatican. 

3. Nutrition researchers: A big fat help

A lot of us have masses that would move more quickly if they were a little smaller and now science may be coming to the aid of the very troubled dieter by clearing out the fat our bodies hang onto like something out of Hoarders.

Science Daily reports that researchers led by Dr. Jorge Plutzky of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have figured out how to convert white fat -- the unhealthy kind that sticks around -- into brown fat, the healthy kind that expends energy. By inhibiting an enzyme called Aldh1a1 in white fat cells (where it is abundant) researchers were able to make them act like brown fat cells, burning energy and generating heat. 

So, to paraphrase Delbert the Exterminator , “Take out bad fat. Put in good fat.” 

Plutzky says that while more research is needed, getting white fat to take on brown fat’s traits is getting more attention as a way to treat obesity (the CDC says more than a third of US adults are obese).

Sounds like a plan, because we’re clearly not going to change our behavior and do it via healthier diet, or so says one charmingly fed-up British nutrition expert who thinks health education “is a load of diverting, delaying rubbish,” and that government needs to make healthy food affordable.

Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience’s Bad Medicine columnist reports that Peter James, president of the London-based International Association for the Study of Obesity at World Nutrition Rio 2012 says it’s economics, not education, that will change our diet.  Marion Nestle, author and professor of nutrition at NYU, advocates for the kind of regulation the government imposes on cigarettes, including marketing restriction of junk food to kids and a ban on sugary drinks in schools.

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