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Scott Walker's Occupy-Supporting Primary Challenger Talks to Blogger Who Punked the Gov

Why run against Walker in the GOP primary? Occupy protester Arthur Kohl-Riggs says it's one man's attempt to keep the Republicans honest.

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IM: Right, arguably up until the Southern Strategy -- give or take, in a sort of morally relative way.

AKR: But it wasn't until recently that there was a radical shift. The party was hijacked and shoved to the right. But we've already talked about that.

IM: Ha! Okay, yeah, without even going back to the progressive roots of Republicanism -- Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Bob La Follette, and those kinds of dudes -- as recently as Reagan, despite the kind of disingenuous Reagan worship we have now, the party more closely resembled what we today would call Democrats. I mean, Barack Obama is this sort of Reagan Republican.

AKR: Exactly.

IM: And the Republicans are just -- but, you know, don't get me wrong: Reagan was a massive sh*t.

AKR:  Right. But he'd be ridiculed as a RINO [Republican In Name Only] today -- a fake.

IM: Yeah, if he ran today, he'd be a Democrat. It shows how insane the Republican party has gotten.

AKR: It also shows how vulnerable the democratic process is to money -- corporate influence.

IM: Right, the whole goddamn thing's for sale.

On Politics and Money 

AKR: And that brings me back to my campaign. I have not, and will not, solicit out-of-state donations.

IM: I like the idea that a group like Americans for Prosperity is backing Walkerfor his dance moves.

AKR: In addition, I'm not accepting donations over $100. In this race, individuals can donate up to $10,000 to the gubernatorial race. That's too much.

IM: And due to a crazy loophole, from the time recall petitions started circulating to the time they were all tallied and certified, there was no limit on what individuals could give.

AKR: Right, there was about a three-month period where Walker collected unlimited moneys. There were, I think, six people who gave over $250,000 each. And we haven't even seen the latest reports.

IM: Yeah, [former Republican presidential candidate Rick] Santorum's sugar daddy, Foster Friess, cut two checks for Walker for $250,000 each. And that's just one guy. It's estimated he could raise $70 million.

AKR: I've spent about $400 on my campaign so far, and most of that is printing.

IM: So back to the two-party system: what do you think?

AKR: The two-party system actively suppresses dissent.

IM: You don't need to tell my Green Party ass.

AKR: You're pressured by society to vote for the major parties, and vilified for voting for third parties.

IM: Right. No one wants to get Nadered.

On Climate Change, Thunder Dome and Love-Making

AKR: That was how I actually was introduced to the Koch brothers -- all those many millions they've spent on  misinforming the public about global warming.

IM: And then they make a killing trading carbon credits in Europe, too. But, you know, Al Gore's fat, so global warming is a hoax. Okay, forget elections. We're going Thunder Dome. Man-to-man combat. You versus Scott Walker. To the death. Who wins?

AKR: I'm all about reach and agility. I think I could run circles around him, and keep him well beyond an arm's reach away from me. I would wear him out, tire him down, and then send him out of the ring because I subscribe to a philosophy of nonviolence. I'd tire him out; he'd curl up for a nap.

IM: Art Kohl-Riggs makes love not war, so who wins in a lovemaking contest between you and Scott Walker?