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Is the NYPD Out of Control? New Lawsuit Takes on Bloomberg's 'Private Army'

Rodriguez v. Winski calls for the creation of an independent federal position to oversee the NYPD.

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The complaints go on and on. Also a plaintiff in the suit is Jeffery McClain, an Iraq war veteran who was beaten and called a traitor by police after marching with Occupy Wall Street. And there's Peter Dutro, who was arrested while inside a bank for protesting outside the bank, a charge which carries with it all sorts of metaphysical implications.

What's clear is that Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD, and the financial elites are out of control, and the police department is unable or unwilling to hold itself accountable. There needs to be a federal level, independent monitor to oversee the NYPD for the good of the public and the protection of our constitutional rights. This suit is one of many steps being taken to better understand and more effectively combat the forces seeking to erode our rights one arrest at a time, and the battle, like this lawsuit, is just beginning.


John Knefel is the co-host of Radio Dispatch and a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. Follow him on Twitter at @johnknefel.

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