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10 Amazing Discoveries You Missed This Week

From medical devices straight out of Star Wars to birds that give Martha Stewart a run for her money, here are 10 fascinating new discoveries.

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It’s about time psychedelics got a makeover. Tye-dye never looked good on anyone. 

10) Think Tank

If you love makeover reveals as much as we do, you’ll go nuts for this: a popular military vehicle, repurposed and ready to invade neighborhoods with...free novels? Short stories? Non-fiction? Where do we enlist?

Argentinian artist Raul Lemesoff has built a "book tank," a revamped 1979 Ford Falcon. It’s a car that, according to the AFP in this video about the vehicle, was a popular model with the Argentine army during the dictatorship of that era so there’s lots of symbolism in this vehicle, which Lemesoff calls a “Weapon of Mass Instruction.” The book tank holds 900 publications (all donated) that Lemesoff gives away to anyone who wants them. It has toured the country, and often reaches “remote towns where half the children may not have gone to school.” 

Now that’s intelligent design.  


Liz Langley is a freelance writer in Orlando, FL.

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