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How Christian Groups Push Right-Wing Religion With the Help of Your Tax Dollars

Taxpayer-funded crisis pregnancy centers are using religion to oppose abortion, and many of them only hire Christians.

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Women who need Jesus!

YOU can be the one to introduce them to Jesus and help them make life-changing decisions.

Becoming a volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center has great rewards!

Pregnancy Care Center’s  website explains that the center opened in 1988 “as an outreach ministry dedicated to presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in word and deed. The Center emphasizes the need to minister to both the mother, toward eternal life; and the baby toward a healthy live birth.

Some CPC volunteer applications can be quite personal and probing.

Heartbeat of Miami, which has two state-funded locations, publishes a six-page  volunteer packet complete with the Apostle’s Creed and a policy stating that the center does not encourage contraception but does provide “fertility awareness information” for married couples. Volunteer applicants are required to submit a recommendation from their pastor, and they are asked questions about their sex lives (“Are you now living a lifestyle of sexual integrity, abstinent if single or faithful within marriage?”) and their past experience with abortion (“Have you ever had an abortion? … If Yes, have you had the opportunity to go through a post-abortion class on forgiveness and healing?”).

The Pregnancy Help Center of Lufkin, which receives money through Texas’ Alternatives to Abortion program, actually  requires volunteers to sign a pledge that they will pray and attend church:

In addition to the above, I hereby pledge that as a volunteer I will:

1. Attend as many volunteer meetings/trainings as possible.

2. Pray regularly for my part in the ministry and for the ministry as a whole.

3. Fellowship with other believers for encouragement and edification (this means being part of a local Christian church).

‘Inspired by God’

South Dakota has taken support for CPCs even further. Rather than provide funding, the state legislature simply mandated that women receive counseling at one of the anti-abortion centers before having an abortion.

Last year, the state passed a law that, among other things, created a 72-hour waiting period between when a woman first sees an abortion provider and when the abortion can be legally performed. During that time, the woman “must have a consultation at a pregnancy help center.” The law specifies that the doctor must provide the woman the contact information of all crisis pregnancy centers registered with the state’s department of health. Religious anti-abortion centers are allowed to participate in the program but are required to obtain written consent from pregnant women before discussing religion with them.

While much of the law is tied up in an ongoing court battle, the health department still maintains a  list of three pregnancy centers that “have submitted the necessary affidavits to the department.”

One of them is Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, the Rapid City facility that received federal stimulus funds and asks volunteers, “As a Christian, what is the basis of your salvation?”

Another facility on the state’s list — the Bella Pregnancy Resource Center in Spearfish — is also a Care Net affiliate and is thus obligated to hire only Christians and to follow Care Net’s Statement of Faith.

That leaves the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls.  According to Allen Unruh, who co-founded the organization in 1984 with his wife, Leslee, the “entire Alpha Center story was inspired by God, and the rising up of Godly people with courage to be salt and light; to take action against the most evil act in this generation – the killing of innocent unborn babies and the deliberate deception of millions of women.”

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